How Can You Change Your Life? (part 1)

How Can You Change Your Life? (part 1)

 Change Your Life  (part 1)

Never underestimate your power to change yourself, never overestimate your power to change others.” -Wayne Dyer

Every one of us want happy, success and better life. NO matter how old are you, It’s never too late to change your life for the better. You can do what you want and change your life. There are many of ways to make change in your life. We will put these ways at sequential series of articles that help you to change your life.

At this article, we will take about the important things that help you to change your life, make your day more interesting and questions that you should ask yourself about it and make different at your life.
Let’s go to discover these ways

change your life

1- Change Your Daily Routine : Remember that what you are now is a result of the things you do on a daily basis. From what you do every morning, what you eat for breakfast to where you go to school or work. If you are going to change your life’s circumstances, you have to change the things you do every single day.

  • Making even the smallest changes of your daily routine can help you to refresh your day and less bored with your life. For example, you can eat different food on the breakfast every day, do some exercise before your work or school rather than afterward, read some funny situations and story on journals or on the internet at transportation to refresh your day. These small things seem trivial, but when you do these things, you will notice that you make change at your life and make your day more interesting…
  •   Ask yourself on a daily basis that I get what I want? And ask yourself about what I am doing (not doing) helping me to change my life? These applies to whether or not you are exercise, what you eat, and what you do at the bulk of your day. If your answer NO, then you must make the necessary change.


change your life


2- Study the path of your life : Take a look at your life and decide if it supports your value or not, whether you are working, travelling, volunteering, in school or job hunting.

  •  Ask yourself the important questions that make change in your life : What is my passion, interests and goals? These questions may take years to answer, but you can start by asking yourself what kind of life you want? And what kind of legacy you want to leave behind? These questions not only on your career. But your relationship as well. How would you like to be described and remember by other people?
  • Determine whether or not your lifestyle is compatible your personal life. Ask yourself about what could do differently to help you reach your goals? You may to want change life’s path like career path or the way that you manage your money and your time?

The summary of this article is “the most powerful way to control your focus if through the use of questions” – Anthony Robbins

These two ways to change your day and know your passions and goals.
We will complete the other ways at next articles and if you want to change your life you must take actions and do every ways that help you to change your life.


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