Motivate yourself (1)

Motivate yourself

Most importantly remember that will help you to motivate yourself in your life is “if you ever fall down again, get back up and try again”. You need to treat failure as a feedback for success. So  start your day tomorrow by achieving something great!. You need to motivate yourself to enjoy your life and be a success person. Read ... Read More »

5 tips to smash your negative thoughts

negative thoughts

smash your negative thoughts Anyone is talking himself every second of every day. You are telling yourself things about yourself, about others and about anything at your life. Some of your talking may be positive self-talk and help you to be better, but most of people them talk-self is made up a lot of negative, self-defeating thoughts. For instance, someone ... Read More »

The importance of goal settings

Set goals

In a previous article we talked about 5 real steps to change your life and talk that the first  component is “Set a goal“. In this article we will talk about the reasons or importance of goal setting. When you want or think to do any thing you should know its importance and how will it affects in your life. ... Read More »

Who Am I ?

Who Am I

Who Am I ? You know that is hard to change your life, it’s not easy. You have a power to change your life and you can do that if you have determination to know who are you? There are many kinds of people so you must know who are you from these kinds? Anyone want to achieve his dreams ... Read More »

Simple ways to live a happy life

happy life

Who among us does not wish to live a happy life?. Certainly, everyone wishes a happy life. If you want a happy life, you should ask yourself and determine what you want. it’s too hard to get clear goal. so, you won’t always be perfectly clear. The goal is to do what you want and move forward to reach it. ... Read More »

How Can You Change Your Life? (part 1)

change your life

 Change Your Life  (part 1) “Never underestimate your power to change yourself, never overestimate your power to change others.” -Wayne Dyer Every one of us want happy, success and better life. NO matter how old are you, It’s never too late to change your life for the better. You can do what you want and change your life. There are ... Read More »

5 real steps to change your life

How to change your life?

How wonderful that we hold ourselves to climb the peaks?. who is the person in the world not want to change his or her life?. There is no doubt that all people hope to become free from stress and problems to feel a better life, but we know that life is full of many challenges, so people ask about what ... Read More »

Do You Want A ” feel Good ” Day ? 10 ways to make it

change your life

We live our lives each day addressing the conventional pressures of life. we have a tendency to build routines and specialise in the items we want to try and do, and a few of the items we’d wish to do. each currently and once more it’s a decent plan to specialise in others, to give, with no expectation of obtaining ... Read More »

Important keys for goal setting

change your life

 John Doe says that “The good person is who seeking to be a better than he is now, even though he is negligible in the past”. It’s a great wisdom. When we put goals may be it many or few, but most of people will be broken, or forgotten. Why is that? There are many explanations to every person. The ... Read More »